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  1. I would also add, that i do have all 3 fans within RTSS and HWinfo64. usbdump.txt
  2. Hi, I have a corsair H150i has a CPU cooler. Aida64 show pump rpm and only 2 or the 3 fans. RTSS and HWinfo64 do however have all 3 fans and i would like my sensor panel to display all 3 fans. Is there a way to add either RTSS or HWinfo64 sensor data to Aida64 extreme? If so can someone point me in the right direction to a tutorial/documentation on how to do this? Thanks
  3. Love this one from Poe, Modified the color scheme to match my needs. and some slight tweaks. Changed the Radeon logo at the bottom for Nvidia. Changed date and time for my AIO fan speeds. PoeVert480x800Recolor.sensorpanel
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