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  1. Hey, any chance you wanna share this panel?
  2. the original background and others are attached to my initial thread and the threads you have responded with - you should be able to save those to your pc with the correct resolutions.
  3. Hey looks great, would you share your panel?
  4. Built this 800x480 for a 5" display I picked up. I spent a bit of time and built all the gauges for it so hopefully others can get some use from them. Creating custom graphics is not my forte...yet. If there is anyone here gifted with creating custom graphics and has a bit of time, I have a few ideas I want to spin off to see how it could be accomplished. SensorV4_31.sensorpanel
  5. @striker1703 The 800x1040 is shared in the post above. You will need to change the file type to .sensorpanel and then import it - it changed the filetype to that ".dfe..." when it uploaded. Cheers.
  6. Hey, attached is the Sensor Panel and blank backgrounds. I picked up a 5" lcd screen and just trying different ideas of how to fit this into 800x480. I included the 800x480 if anyone has any ideas. I have a couple other ideas I am playing around with using photopea for custom graphics but I am far from gifted using graphic software and it'll be a while before I get those rolled out. SensorPanel_V1.3.9_sensorpanel.dfe2c01f755aa5dfa56da9c40af81d70
  7. My first PC dashboard. Thanks to those that put the effort into creating some of the gauges I used. It is 800x1040 which fits nicely on a third 1920x1080 spare monitor I have with another app open to use the remaining screen space. I created some bar gauges for the CPU Cores/Threads but it looks a bit chunky and I am not a fan of it (I don't recommend Paint 3d and Snag it for creating these). I got a bit carried away and maybe too much info on here. I plan to reduce it when I can get a 7" display built for the PC.
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