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  1. Here You Go, Font is, if needed: DS-Digital Digitalv10.sensorpanel
  2. Yes, that's possible. I'm currently using it via a USB-A port on the back of my LG monitor. I assume it must be at least USB-A 3.0.
  3. In reply to my own post on page 109: The display arrived yesterday and I spent the day completing my sensor panel. Here is the result. Resolution: 1100x3840 Short review of the display: The mounting for the display is not yet optimal and will be replaced by something more stable. There is also the option of mounting the display on the back with a 75x75 VESA bracket. About the display itself: Bought at AliExpress, NVArcher Store, this is the 14 inch CNC Black version. Shipping to Germany took about 3 weeks. The quality of the display is absolutely outstanding, the front is reflective, it's even FreeSync and HDR compatible and supposedly capable of 144Hz according to the OSD. However, I wouldn't necessarily use it for gaming because of the rather unusual format. Power supply via USB-C works without problems, I use it via an HDMI->DP adapter on my PC. According to the OSD, the second USB-C port on the display is also able to receive an image signal, but I haven't tested this yet due to the lack of a DP->USB-C cable. I can recommend it after about 2 days of use, the long-term test is still to come. Link to the shop: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005001664167447.html Digital.sensorpanel
  4. It will be this one: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005001664167447.html its the 4K CNC 14 Inch color option from the NVArcher store on AliExpress. I'll write about it as soon as it arrives.
  5. My first sensor panel. Still in progress. Inspired by some other panels here from the thread. Built for a, hopefully soon to arrive, 14 inch 3840x1100 sensor panel. The background is self-designed in Photoshop.
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