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  1. here is what I am working on borrowed gauges till I cam make my own 1394964255_2021-08-27ASUS1080x1080_sensorpanel.e2f51368c48d0b265e98cafcdb9299fd
  2. lol just reset sensor panel location then drag it to new location I just did it coming of the corner of my second monitor cool tip by the way thanks now my cursor wont get lost
  3. thanks I flipped to 1080X 1920 and am working on a 1080x 1080 using the other half for the weather will look at this also thanks a lot got water cool so keeping track of flow and pump rpm
  4. that would be great to get the water temp and fan speeds of the Commander pro
  5. looking for a 1080X1920 lol wish I knew how and had the tools to make the fancy gauges
  6. Ok dang it I forgot to update the chip drivers Got the flow back now thanks for putting up with me I feel so DUMB now
  7. the flow meter is conected to the mother board it shows in bios as working its a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero x570 motherboard it was showing in AIDA64 before I did a reinstall
  8. I did a full format and reinstall of windows 10 pro now I now longer see the Flow sensor in AIDA64 any help here would be much appreciated thanks love making my pannel
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