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  1. Is there any info in an rslcd file that could compromise security in any way if the file is shared with someone else? I'm guessing not, but want to make sure. Thanks.
  2. Not sure if this issue is me doing something wrong or if it's a problem with the software. I am using RemoteSensor to display hardware monitoring on a 7" LCD panel. I have had no problems setting it up and everything is functioning fine (been using this software for many years, right back to Everest days), and I can export my layout as an .rslcd file no problem, and I now have a few different layouts saved. In the AIDA64 Preferences > LCD > LCD Items page, there is the ability to create multiple pages to display on the LCD panel (up to 6) and cycle through them on a specified time period per page, which is awesome. The problem: As mentioned, I have a bunch of saved .rslcd files and I'd like to import each one as a different page, but it seems no matter which page tab I select, when I try to import one of my .rslcd files, it always imports the file to the first page (tab) and wipes out whatever was there already, instead of importing to the page tab I want it to be on. Because of this, aside from the first page, I have to make every additional page from scratch rather than importing a .rslcd file for it. Is there some way around this, or it's just something in the 'to be fixed' pile? Thanks.
  3. Thanks very much, the correction is exactly what I needed - it was for the fan speed values:
  4. Cheers Yeah no worries. I'll put all the images in a rar file plus the .rslcd file (this is what it gave me when I exported - but it's not sensorpanel, it's remote lcd) and attach to this post - total file is less than half a MB. Nereus-aida64remote.rar This is using a 6" Amazon Fire tablet - way bigger than the G19 LCD screen. Made a few minor changes - it looks like the following now:
  5. I have been a user of this product in one iteration or another back to Everest days maybe 9 years ago. I freaking LOVE the remote sensor! I initially hooked up to a small USB LCD display at first, but recently purchased a refurb 6" Amazon Fire HD tablet and ran remote sensor through my local wireless network. Here's the results (photo didn't really get the colors correct, so there's a screen grab as well). My only request (which I have submitted) is to have an additional input field to manually enter the fan's known max rpm, so that the display can then give fan speed as a % rather than just rpm. Cheers. My rig specs:
  6. Pretty much as the title says, when adding a sensor/simple sensor fan speed, I would love to have an additional input field to manually enter the fan's known max rpm, so that the display can then give fan speed as a % rather than just rpm. Thanks.
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