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  1. CPU 0 is the Mountain. Using Custom Gauges for Ships, aliens. 1920x480. Defender.sensorpanel
  2. Yes the image fails to load if I change it's name on disk. No clue what URL is for but it's not image. So all custom images are really just links to files that must exist in fixed location. Has any one tried a ram disk for animations? How does import/export work then?
  3. I added a background image to my sensor panel. I noticed every time I edit/save it the panel auto refreshes with the updated image. Does this mean the background image has to stay in that physical location on my disk? If I put URL will it pull image from URL?
  4. Using custom gauge we can simulate animation tied to sensor. Can we just get a 1-16 timer like it shows in the sample window so it steps by seconds interval or something. My CPU temp barely changes. I like that I can make custom gauges tied to sensor but for background I just want something to change every second or every 5 seconds. 16 images is more than enough.
  5. Is it possible to import/export/design without dpi settings? ie. Fixed Positions in 1920X480 100% scaling. Changing that DPI scaling setting makes the panel look crazy big on my main monitor 4k 200%scaling, but fine in the LCD. I prefer to design in my main monitor without it being really large (main monitor is 4k 200% scaling) Is there some documentation that goes over this behavior. pros cons, etc. In Paint 1920X480 pixel image doesn't get scaled unless I zoom. Update: Ok I just realized that turning off that dpi override makes it look normal. I guess I'll stick with that and see what happens.
  6. aida64.exe > properties > compatibility > change high DPI settings > activate "Override high DPI Scaling behavior" to System. This should be in the manual. Without this import is useless.
  7. I tried importing many sensor panels. I have a 1920x480 screen. They all come out looking horrible and don't fit. In the forum it says they are 1920X480. Can someone fill my in on what I am missing?
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