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  1. Wow, we need to break this thread out by design, I love seeing what everyone else is doing with their sensorpanels but I had to sift through 101 pages of posts looking for a design I saw a few weeks ago! -Mojo
  2. You should be happy, that's pretty sharp! -Mojo
  3. Nicely done, I really like this clean layout. -Mojo
  4. Absolutely.. Dark OrangeGrey 1920x480 attached (526KB) -Mojo Dark_OrangeGrey_1920x480.sensorpanel
  5. Love the Defender theme! -Mojo
  6. On this SensorPanel, it looks like the names of the components are part of the background image so you will have to use an image editor to white out the existing names and add your specific components. -Mojo
  7. Just recently discovered Aida and built my first sensorpanel on an 8.8" LCD that sits in the dock slot of my Logitech keyboard... I grabbed some assets from a lot of the panels that you guys posted, created some of my own, and modified a few others, so thanks to everyone who helped make this a possibility.. My first sensorpanel, so be gentle! -Mojo
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