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  1. That is much better thank you!
  2. I just plugged one of these into Chassis 5 on the M/B. http://www.barrowint.com/plus/view.php?aid=1159 Aida64 reports it as Aux2, HWinfo correctly reports it as Chassis 5
  3. I downloaded a portable version of HWInfo and it is correctly seeing 2x cpu fans. Just noticed the announcement in this forum so have lodged a proper support ticket now, with a sensor log attached.
  4. If anyone needs 2560x1440 I tweaked this a bit. Much props to the original author for sharing it.
  5. I thought maybe there was a conflict, but after uninstalling HWInfo and Corsair Icue, still no fans Anything else I can do my end? @Fiery
  6. Hi, Total newbie here so sorry if this is more of a feature request than a bug. My Asrock Z590M Pro4 is not reporting fans correctly, it has 2x CPU fans and 4 X Chassis Fans. Currently 2 of the CPU headers drive my radiator fans and I'm using one chassis fan, with plans to add another. However AIDA64 only reports 1x CPU, 1x Chassis , 1 x PSU and 1 x GPU (zero as waterblocked). I have attached a sensor log . Forgot to mention I am using the most recent beta. isasensordump.txt
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