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  1. Thanky your Fiery for the fast response. I could not resist and reinstalled AIDA64 and disabled Dell SMI sensor support. And that does the trick and solved the issue. Now its working as expected. The side effect of disabling Dell SMI sensor support is that the CPU Fan speed is not any longer shown in the OSD. If possible, please take this finding into account for your release planing and disable this feature (by default). Nevertheless I'll do the same tests as soon as I get my M17xR14 replacement and report back here. Additional I report this solution back to DELL at a later time, in case
  2. After receiving my Alienware M17xR4, I experiencend two weeks later a strange behavior. After booting the system the CPU and GPU fan stopped turning. This caused a thermal shutdown as soon as the temperatures rised up to 105°C. Even in idle state, the temperature went from normal approx. 50°C up to 60°-70°C. This was a clear indication, that the fan did not worked anymore. I did loadtests with prime95 to force higher load and temperature. I documented most of my tests, which could help DELL to solve the issue. The document is in German. nevertheless, you'll figure out the pictures and the
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