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  1. It's in the the latest beta, I see now, $AIDAVER, very nice. Thanks. merry xmas to you Fiery and the other ppl there! regards Darkje
  2. Either will do, I guess. The first option seems like a good idea to me, good to have AIDA64 in it, but others might want to have only the number, and add their own label or leave it out to be more compact, so I guess the later one gives a bit more freedom.
  3. Ah that is a great development for me! Thanks for even considering. This is good for semi-static info's and allows for better portability of panels including such info. I'm checking it out right now, one additional control string I could think of is $aidaversion, ofcourse for displaying the version of aida64 used. Haha on the *.*, even if I wanted I doubt I could fit aida *.* into one(1) panel. As always, I'm impressed by the way you follow up on user requests. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
  4. Yeah I see for many of those items refreshing them once every program restart would be enough I suppose, would be odd to refresh it every 2 sec. Ofcourse it could be different for say gpu clocks etc. that can be changed on the fly No prob for me, I understand it's not meant to be used in that way, but I thought some stats would be nice and it would make the resulting panel more portable if they where like say system variables. as to display the right info for the system without having to edit the label. Anyway thanks for your -as always- very full reply to a silly question by me. R
  5. BIOS Version is nice, but can we get more? yes I know, us ungrateful bastards always want more... I would like to be able to see any item from the Aida64 main program tree in the SensorPanel. for example the top bar in this [partial] mockup, disregard the comments on the powerhistograms: - now it's just copy the value into a label, if you copy both, you get [label][tab][value] and have to replace the tab by :[space] - the labels are nice because of the drop shadow, the sensor items lack regards, Darkje
  6. To be short, it only shows the resolution of the main screen, not the entire desktop, with no way to select what screen's resolution is shown? Or did I miss out on a trick there? anyway, maybe it's possible to extend this feature in an upcomming release? regards, Darkje
  7. I have to bump this, it seems this issue is fixed in aida 4.00.2720 (using 331.93 drivers), so good job there, thanks! Just wonder, was it some change in querying the chil or did nvidia disclose info or fix their driver? or is all of that a trade secret? it must be something aida did I guess, hwinfo doesn't pick the chil up as before. but it does after running aida...
  8. Hi, I'm seeing an odd issue with the line graphs in the current version, the line does not seem to scale properly to the height of the graph. to demonstrate I made this 12V graph and set the upper limit to 12v with the actual line around 12.2V, but it doesn't reach the top: Regards, Darkje btw. nice work on the area graph, thanks for considering my idea.
  9. yeah, odd one, sorry for barking up the wrong tree. I'll try the nvidia forums. edit: for anyone following this, here is the topic in the nvidia forums: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/572618/geforce-drivers/320-drivers-and-monitoring-the-chil-8318-on-gtx-660-670-and-maybe-other-cards-/
  10. Fiery, Any progress on the chil 8318 dissapearing after reboot? I noticed it's not just in aida, but hwinfo and gpu-z suffer the same amnesia. http://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-CHL8318 if I install new driver the chill is there, even after restart, but if I shutdown-restart like I do overnight, it is not detected anymore. I tried what component of the driver made the change, by installing them separately from the device manager, and it was the actual display driver, just installing the same version over it and voila: chill is there. Then I tried from the missing situation to resta
  11. Hi, I'm back at the point where I loose the gpu-vrm-voltage, gpu-12v, gpu-vrm-amps and gpu-vrm-watt every reboot, but they are there just after the driver install, before rebooting. (tried drivers 320.18whql and 320.39beta) so I made the dumps requested before. one before rebooting: ------[ AIDA64 v3.00.2514 Beta ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.18113 Service Pack 1 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Video Adapters ]------ Asus GTX660 TI-DC2 Series [10DE-1183 / 1043-841E] ------[ Video Driver ]------ nvapi.dll: nvd3dumx|||||nvwgf2umx||
  12. you can make a box in some way: make a graph with no grid, labels or background and set the graph range so it's out of the expected range of the monitored item so the line doesn't show up. forex this transparent red line box on a rog background: (ofc. you could also do solid ones by using a background color) I did like this: it's not the most charming solution but it does give you a way to group.
  13. yeah, I would gladly post the dump, but I found the fix already: looked in the driver install folder (ie. 'C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\320.18\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\English' and found 'ms.net/dotnetfx40_full_setup.exe' and ran it manually. after installing that and rebooting the CHiL is there, so must be some dependency but somehow it's skipped with the normal quick or clean setup of the driver... not aida's prob Regards, Darkje
  14. any way to get the CHiL detected after rebooting without reinstalling the 320.18 driver over itself ?
  15. Thanks for explaining, I figured it would be like that. Probably pci-e delivers 75w like it's supposed to, and an added 51W for a total of 126w for the gpu-core, with the numbers from my previous example. Meaning the other components would draw about 39w, seeming about right for 2gb of mem, a fan and some losses along the way. totalling 165W. It's kind of less useful than it would be if it indicated the total powerdraw of the card, but it is what it is, just the power the vrm handles. The odd thing is after reboot my system does not expose gpu-vrm's an gpu12v anymore, it did yeste
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