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  1. Ah cool. I found some other people in other forums with the same problem together with one (unconfirmed) claim that according to asrock the board isnt supposed to have a vrm sensor anyway. On a sidenote: The support here, especially from you, is really great :). I don´t write often here (usually only when i got a new pc), but still read from time to time and support is always knowledgeful and quick.
  2. Just tried with Asrocks Tool and putting up some load....vrm-temperature there is stuck at 29° all the time too. Guess the sensor is faulty there or its a bios bug, at least it isn´t some bug in aida when asrocks own tool reports the same :).
  3. Hey, thanks for the answer. Should´ve mentionend the motherboard in the first post..it´s an Asrock B450 Pro4, latest bios-version (1.80).
  4. Hello, just upgraded to a ryzen 2600/am4-system and got 2 questions: 1. For cpu temperature, i could choose "CPU" or "CPU Diode"...as far as i can see, they show the same value with a 1° difference sometimes...does it make a difference which one i pick for my sensor panel/OSD ? 2. It alsho shows a "VRM"-temperature...which seems to stay locked at 29°...what exactly is this and does it ever change its value ? Thx in advance, Chris.
  5. Hey, only got the problem like one or two times in the past 2 years, so it doesn´t seem to occur more and more often with time, but instead very rarely und completely unpredictable. Hard to say so if you should RMA it - doing so would be the safest option of course. On the other Hand, you´re probably exchanging the motherboard to fix a problem which only occurs like 1-2 times a year and is fixable by shutting down the pc. Flip a coin, i guess
  6. Really appreciate the support of hardware probably a very few people use . Just tried it on my newly bought Logi G910, seems to work as intended. However, theres one thing which will probably have me stick to the more convential methods of displaying hardware values: Having the LGS Software set to "let other applications control the lightning" (something like that, i´m guessing from the german LGS) is obviously required, however this gives the control over all of the keys to the external application, meaning my own lightning profiles are disabled then. I´d really like to have my own lightning profiles as set in LGS and Aida only "overwriting" this profile only with the keys i defined there, but i guess this has to be made possible by Logitech with their SDK which will probably never happen (for understandable reasons, this would probably be a pain in the ass to code) ?
  7. Thanks a lot. Warranty´s gone, but at least i know which part to replace in case this happens more and more often in the future ( or having a good excuse for getting a new board with an new cpu as weill ) .
  8. CPU: i5 3750k (not overclocked), Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Got an rather strange problem wich happens only sometimes (didnt happen for almost a year until yesterday): Usually after a few hours of gaming (cpu-temp won´t exceed 50°) i notice that the CPU-Fan won´t spin up or down anymore, CPU-temperature according to aida is alright (30-50°), but doesn´t change too.. If i reboot and go into bios, the cpu-temperature there shows a negative value, after that reboot aida shows the negative value too and the CPU-fan sits at 0 rpm. Only way to fix it is to completely shut down the pc and turn off the power supply for a few seconds, after that everything is back to normal. Does anyone know it the sensor responsible for this is cpu-internal or on the motherboard ? Thanks, Chris.
  9. Aida uses the task scheduler for the start on boot, by default with a 10 second delay. Try increasing the delay to 30 seconds. At least that was what i did back then when i had a Logitech G19 to make sure Aida loads AFTER the logitech software.
  10. I´ve had this problem too a while ago, however not the past few months (keeping fingers crossed...). I did some research back then and from what i´ve found, it´s most likely not related to software, motherboard or bios, but caused by an faulty sensor directly inside the cpu. In my case, when the temperature got stuck and i rebooted and went into bios, the cpu temperature would read absurd values there (even negative values). Shutting down the PC and completely cutting power for a few seconds would fix the problem.
  11. You probably wouldn´t even need to clear the cmos...if this happens again, try powering the computer off AND power off the psu...wait a minute or so and the sensor should be unstuck.
  12. Once in a while my cpu temperature gets stuck too, however shutting down the pc for a few moments completeley unstucks it. I did some research and found a few posts from people with the same problem and in most cases switching the board or updating bios didnt help, but switching the cpu did...which would indicate that the specific cpu temp sensor which controls fan speed is located directly inside the cpu, not on the motherboard.
  13. I need a little help intepreting these values... so i got GPU TDP% and now GPU VRM power values. GPU TDP% seems obvious to me...GPU has an official TDP of e.g. 150 watts, so e.g. 50% GPU TDP means more or less 75 watts. Now what does GPU VRM exactly means ? Usually VRM= video ram memory...so if this says e.g. 10 watts, does it mean (with the example above) the whole card consumes ~75 watts from which 10 watts are used by video memory ? Thanks in advance, Chris.
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