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  1. I'm constantly working on sensor panels and changing things up. Most of them are inspiration from different builds on here. I'm currently trying my hand at creating my own gauges and so forth, it's a trying time lol Here's my current creation thanks to Meanjoegreen for inspiration. I will upload my next one when finished with the custom gauges, it will be something like this but my own. Thanks to everyone on here that has helped me out and inspired me. I enjoy this as much as I love building my custom computers. If anyone wants this, just let me know, I have to clean up space on here
  2. Nice! Thanks! I'm really interested in trying to set up one for myself, so I will be digging in to it here shortly. Thanks again for the help and info!
  3. Thanks for the reply, I haven't messed around with the rslcd method but I would like to, I just don't know anything about that method yet.
  4. Thank you very much for this! Great work!
  5. Just go back in to aida and reapply the sensor
  6. Great panel! nice and clean, I really love the bars! Care to share?
  7. You can find what you may need here. Ask the community in there and you should get some great help as well as look around and download some great panels.
  8. I as well would love to have this! Great work! mg17bk@gmail.com
  9. Nice work!! And thank you for sharing! I'm in the process of researching 3D printers, I'm looking for something in the Med built area, this way I'll learn and grow as I use it
  10. I agree, I come on here often and have to do the same. I also wish some posts would be straight forward and let people know, "I'm NOT sharing." It saves the time and trouble of messaging or replying to certain ones you like asking if they will share and you get nothing back, not even an acknowledgement. This thread is "Share your sensor panel" Not "Show" so maybe a split.... show/share I don't know lol Apologies if this comes off the wrong way, I love the thread and enjoy talking with those that are active and understand many are busy and are not on here as much. It's just discouraging when you reply to a post, get nothing back and see them post again. I will share whatever I create, just message me, reply or whatever. The creations on here are awesome! Have a wonderful day everyone
  11. Looks great!! 7" is perfect, it's what I went to, could you share please? mg17bk@gmail.com Keep up the great work!
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