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  1. Looking at my network hardware, the Wi-Fi NIC is named WiFi .. but I do not have an option in the sensor panel to select. Is there a way to dynamically select the 'connected' network adapter for the panel? thx
  2. probably just missing something simple, but I would like to define a color palette and add the selections to the 'custom colors' for ready selection when adding new sensorpanel elements. However, when I select a color setting it only saves into the upper left position and the option to define custom colors is not available. What am I missing? Thanks!
  3. Started with an example from JayzTwoCents from a youtube how-to he posted. Tinkered with the content to show all 32 threads, etc. Still working on the bottom bit and the video fan speed is not reporting (sigh) 5950x_sensorpanel.sensorpanel
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