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  1. i got this gift from my niece ill put inside pc case
  2. you need doing 0-15 (are 16 unities) 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, divide 360/15 until 0 is with no bar. simple If you will doing half circle divide 180/15 u will have percentage.
  3. Some points thats i belive really cool to implement to get more design friendly: 1) Background Transparent (no decrease all panel transparency just BG) 2) GIF animation support in sensor panel 3) Moving 1,5,10 pixel up, down, left and right in Position of Sensor Numbers inside Gauges 4) Simple Sensor Numbers with center orientation to dont make mess when we using over image, some time when number is too short and we align per maximum number, one or two digits broken layout.
  4. I did a version V2.1.1 of My Sensor Panel with Asus Tuf logo, that is a sensor of FPS this is the link to download LINK my Google Docs: Asus-Tuf-Vonhellsing-V2.sensorpanel Link to Assets: Assets (fonts-images-icons-rainmeter skin weather- Adobe XD font file- ReadMe.txt) FIX V2.1.1 --> A) Text now are Static Label, B) Gauges Values are from Gauge to fix positions when increase values.
  5. My files are in google docs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fWvWe0O4nZ0DKx2c6dlIj5o7U4ZpEnqe?usp=sharing
  6. New version to 1920x480 screen with assets, fonts and AstroWeather.skin to rainmeter weather. Instructions on rar assets file.
  7. Hey How Lets Go! My 1st Sensor Panel Release Instructions on README.TXT All fonts includede, Rainmeter Skin ASTRO (Lasted) to Weather too, and Clean Background without texts too. 1920x480 version Vonhellsing-V1-RED.rar
  8. With some atualizations, but need some work to be fine!
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