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  1. you can resize any of the graphics to fit any of the backgrounds which you can also resize. It would not be a hard job so do not pay anyone a fortune if they message you after money
  2. Just takes a few goes to drag it up, patience and breathe hehehe perhaps trying bringing the upper screen across so it it not directly diagonal but just say and inch over to give you that little doorway dunno why it quoted, I am getting used to the forum
  3. I could make you a frame in that dimension and then send the gauges for you to resize if you wanted?
  4. BLK is being incorrectly read as 23MHz instead of 100MHz It is also massively misreading all my Ram frequencies. Set to SPD it is DDR4 3000 showing here as real clock of 341 MHz Bare in mind this is just on the insider preview and reads the same motherboard absolutely fine in Windows 10
  5. Rectangle.zip Another set of Gauges in case anyone wants them. These are my faves now and I am gonna use these
  6. Various gauges all large will need to be resized. I use this site it does them all at. once https://bulkresizephotos.com/en?output=png&value=75 .Gonna make some rectangular ones next Gauges.zip
  7. Still working on mine. This is my panel on its own, integrated with a rainmeter panel and how I have it set up at present. Totally pointless use of a screen but I had it spare so who cares hehehehe all the artwork is mine and the rainmeter skin is edited to make it larger
  8. still not working with my board. I see it has done some Asrock boards in the build. Never mind I get enough info for the panel and windows itself tells me my clock speed so no big deal
  9. I know it is only Insider Preview, and I do not expect you to be working on a version as of yet, but just as a heads up for some reason I wanted to post to say Aida cannot read my CPU or Ram frequencies correctly. Asrock TaiChi Motherboard running a 9900K. Windows can read it but Aido cannot. Works fine on Windows 10
  10. Do I just attach files here? they are all modded images I will need to add the modded rainmeter skins also. I will need to move everything to C:/ so the export will work I guess too.
  11. Just started playing with this. I used to Skin Kodi a lot but got bored so gonna start playing with this instead. I know I might not fit as a purest the clock and weather is rainmeter the rest Aida.
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