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  1. What app are you using to read FPS? RTSS or FRAPS? I use FRAPS and have never had an issue. I had nothing but problems with RTSS.
  2. Fraps works. Once I installed that, it appeared as an available sensor.
  3. Open Aida64, goto Preferences under the File menu. Select SensorPanel and edit the SensorPanel Size values as necessary.
  4. The default app used in Aida64 is RTSS (Guru3D RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server Download 7.3.2 Beta 5). I had a lot of problems with it crashing games though (CoD: Cold War, Doom Eternal). I am using FRAPS (https://fraps.com/) now and have not had any issues. Once installed, Aida64 picked it up. I can't recall if I needed to restart the app though.
  5. I'd like this option to be present as well.
  6. I can see 2 sensors under Cooling Fans from my NZXT X73 and they both appear to work with CAM running. I can see AIO Pump & Pump #1. CAM does warn me that another app is trying to communicate with my device though. I'm running CAM 4.30.0 and Aida64 6.33.5769 Beta. Feedback at NZXT: Allow other apps to monitor NZXT devices - | Product Ideas & Requests
  7. Now that I have my panel, I find I am moving it from the 1920x480 panel to the main monitor so I can enter SensorPanel Manager and then move it back. Any chance it can remember its last position when being opened? I'd also like to toss a support behind this top 5 processes request:
  8. Any chance min/max temp values can be added to Aida64 and also displayed on the sensor panel? I find it is the thing I miss the most from HWMonitor or Open Hardware Monitor.
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