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  1. Hi would it be possible for M.2 ssd's to put in SMART or somewhere under sensors NAND temp. and Controller temp. in words, cause now I have 41/45 and I don't know which one is NAND and which is controller. I assume that 45 is NAND because they always run hotter, but it would be cool to know which is which.
  2. I have latest aida 64 version and on all editions my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e don't have any sensors reading CPU, GPU, HDD nothing. When I open HWinfo I got all sensors.
  3. Just a sugesstion. Under sensor type is Nuvoton that chip on the motherboard so can you put instead of this current icon icon that I circle on the picture or some icon that will present chip maybe it would look more cool
  4. On ASRock Z170 Extreme7+ in sensor section Cooling Fans Chassis, Aux and System are appearing and disappearing constantly. I noticed same thing on few NVM ssd's also. OS: Win 10 Pro.
  5. Is there any way to add decimals on temperatures for example 32.5C ?
  6. I'll wait for final release, no rush. Important is that it's fixed. Happy new year
  7. and this is what I was talking about voltage
  8. And once I saw -5V among that voltage values, but when I reopen aida, it was gone.
  9. I got Aux (bad reading) in new version 5.60.3700
  10. I talked with you Fiery before about this Aux problem now I got it on stable version but not always. Sometimes when I open my aida64 Business 5.5.3600 I saw that Aux reading showing I don't know like 54C but I just turn On my PC and everything is around 20C except that Aux, and when I turn aida off and on again he is gone so it not always in sensors reading, just sometimes. MBO is Asrock Z77 Pro 4
  11. That aux temp. is bogus reading because now when my window is open and outside is 0C everything is around 15C( except PCH diode that is 43), and that aux is 54C so it's definitely false.
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