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  1. Nononono, ofc it wont affect the internet bill, just the NET speed counter, for example if i wanna know the NIC download speed or upload speed, will the data sent to the smartphone will be excluded on the counter or not?
  2. it is possible to use it via USB? Or since your PC ethernet card will use KB of data to update the smartphone, will that data not be counted on the net speed for example?
  3. What if you send those bitmaps to the smartphone and than use this app to view them?? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=be.wyseur.photo&hl=it
  4. Hello, since my Logitech G19 is basically dead.. i miss BADLY using aida64.. So since my next keyboard wont have an LCD (no more G19!!!!) and i have a smartphone with android as a spare (old xperia PRO).. Do you plan to use a smartphone as a "LCD" output as the logitech g19?? Best Regards, Mortillo
  5. Hello again, i have a little problem (like all 3D monitor user....) with nvidia new drivers and refresh rate + gpu power saving: Basically if u have a refresh rate > than 60Hz, nvidia will put your gpu on full 3D mode so u will be on desktop in idle with your card at full vcore, full clocks and more watt + noise + heat. This is simply stupid. This happen after the first 29x.xx series, the claimed to have FIXED something (that wans't even broken.....) and now this is how soppose to work. If you use every driver before 290 series, (you can check 285.79) You can have high refresh rate, for e
  6. Hello, is there a way to add the possibility to show as a normal data info at what resolution and refresh rate my monitor is on my LCD g19 with Aida64?
  7. Everything is working, just have "unknow" on battery % status, charge and remaining but i can live with it! Good work!!
  8. Okkk.. maybe in the future.. Thanks anyway! <3
  9. Oooook, i will add it on my g19 lcd screen... hope to see the % on gpu memory too =P
  10. Hello, i have an APC Back-UPS PRO 1200 but under the page Computer / Power Management page in AIDA64 i get nothing.. It say that i get normal DC power..
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