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  1. So until now, noone has found a solution? I found a link for lcdhype to work with aida64 with a plugin, but i have no idea how to work with lcd hype!
  2. Namuk have you tried to contact with Sonic again?
  3. I just did, so i guess we cant do much at this point. Thats sad
  4. I have absolutely no idea on both of these. Why dont you try to contact with alphacool? They should be able to guide you on whatever you need!
  5. I joined this forum just for this. I use Aida64 and i m really happy with it. But i used to use my Alphacool lcd and evererst while gaming and while folding with my screen off. Now my alphacool lcd is useless. Do you have any updates on this matter plz?
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