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    Share your SensorPanel

    Is there any collection of panel designs?
  2. Thanks for the reply Fiery, atleast its there in the to do list, ill be waiting for those support, Because it will be a major boost to the number of users who use AIDA The reason is currently there is no other software in this world to effeiceintly monitor all those hardware details while gaming. Its not only used to monitor hardware monitoring, but it will be great for gamers to debug system usage in games... Thanks once again
  3. Hi Fiery, Its really happy to see the feature of displaying osd values directly to Rivatuner OSD server ( and also other OSD servers dervied from it). We gamers here are so delighted to see it. I want to see one more option in it. Will there be an option to align the osd values according to the categories with their corresponding labels? Ill give an example below, CPU:Speed,Usage,Temp. GPU:Speed,Usage,Temp. MEM:Mem speed. Currently all these above mentioned values are displayed vertically one after the other. Waitng for your reply Fiery
  4. oh nice!! I thinks there is lot more to be unleashed!! nice work
  5. This is really good, Just downloaded the beta, Does it have the ability to show ingame osd about hardware?
  6. Bala

    Widget for 7 / Vista

  7. Bala

    In Game OSD using AIDA64

    Oops, sorry for posting a new thread on same topic, will follow the above thread, Thanks
  8. Bala

    OSD in Game and more

    Hi Fiery, any progress or news about implementing this feature? Waiting for your reply...
  9. Bala

    In Game OSD using AIDA64

    Why no answer? Will be happy to know the answer ...
  10. Hi to all, Can ingame OSD be implemented in AIDA64? It already has all kind of hardware monitoring things, it will be more complete if it displays in game OSD an awesome feature for gamers, awaiting reply.
  11. Bala

    Widget for 7 / Vista

    This is awesome to hear!!! Hope it will debut in the beta version
  12. Its working great, Thanks for the support Fiery
  13. Im already working on it If it comes good ill post it here asap...
  14. Hi all, finally the modded everest.dll is here(Credit goes to Stangowner from guru3d forums New Everest.dll Simple replace the old one with this new one