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  1. I recently purchased a 4K monitor and decided to up the Windows scaling to 125%. I've noticed that the scaling has also affected my Logitech LCD screen readout from AIDA and it really shouldn't. Can this be corrected?
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a shot tonight. I figured since FRAPS wasn't working either it may have been a Logitech issue.
  3. Hey guys, I've recently upgraded my Logitech Gaming Software through their auto-update feature and it seems to have kicked out AIDA. When I try to enable the LCD again it just says "LCD init failed". Any ideas? The version the gaming software upgraded to was 8.20.74. The new software seems to have kicked out my FRAPS lcd plugin as well. I've updated AIDA use its auto-update feature and still have the same issue. [EDIT] Forgot to mention I have the G15 keyboard.
  4. I just upgraded tonight to the latest AIDA64 through the auto-update. I now notice that I have a big hole in my LCD where readings used to be that aren't there anymore. The sad part is, I don't remember what was there. But I know for sure that there was something. Did something change in this most recent update that may have knocked out an LCD item? [EDIT] I figured out what was missing. It was my current download / upload rates. For some reason AIDA deleted them off my LCD after the upgrade.
  5. I second this as well, would be a great feature if possible.
  6. Thanks for the quick response. I'd rather not disable HT because I know it does get used, though rarely in gaming it seems. It's just annoying see that my CPU is supposedly being used @ 30% only to check the cores and find that all physical cores are at 60-70%. I know some applications like stress testing and benchmarks can eat the hyperthreading alive, but in real world applications (outside of, say, video encoding), they seem to rarely be used in any significant way. But I do understand your point. I'm not a programmer by any means, merely a gaming enthusiast. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hey guys! First of all, I'd like to say this is a fantastic piece of software! Good enough to convince me into buying it! I love having everything on my G15 LCD in one place! That said, I do have a few suggestions that I think would add some useful options. First, the ability to ignore virtual cores in the CPU Utilization reading. I can either monitor all 6 of my physical cores at once, or I can monitor the CPU as a whole, but when I monitor it as a whole, it factors in the virtual cores which are usually barely, if at all, being used. This has a detrimental effect of the CPU Utilization reading (it cuts it in half basically, thus making it inaccurate). The ability to ignore the virtual cores would make this more accurate in my opinion. Second, polling times less than a second. I realize the polling can eat up CPU, but for those of us with the CPUs that can handle it, polling times in milliseconds would be a great addition. I would love a 500 millisecond polling rate, and I know my CPU could handle it. Third, add the ability to drag / resize the LCD items with the mouse, rather than have to use the arrow keys or hit modify to change the length. This would make the custom LCD screens much easier to modify and create. Thanks for the great piece of software guys! Keep it up!
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