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  1. maybe the possibility to choose between this options for the user? (and please: free space, used space, total space) geetings
  2. @virus_59 very nice! I am waiting for hard drive monitoring too. Then i can switch to Win7/64 and use a 7" Usb-Monitor with AIDA like you. Do you use the usb display as second display? Are there any problems with other software, or is it simply by fixing the AIDA-Panel to the second display? Do you use the monitor as a touchscreen too? Greetings Gregor
  3. Hello, i took a look on your great software. Best thing is the SensorPanel. But i am missing some hard drive values (like Total size, used space)for monitoring. do you have plans, to involve such values to the hardware monitoring in the future? greetings, Gregor
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