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  1. That was it - I tried a different MB connector and now it all shows. Thanks!
  2. There are two connectors on the PSU. I have their included USB cable connected to the PSU mini-USB connector and a MB USB connector. Maybe one of those is defective. I'll check. I had some weird bad stuff that happened while trying a Thermaltake PSU which is on its way back to Newegg :(. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Fiery, here you go: corsairlinkdump.txt usbpsudump.txt
  4. Hi Fiery, Is there any chance of getting amperage used by volts? All I can see currently is the voltages n my Corsair HX850i. Cheers!.
  5. Makes sense - I started looking at the PSU connector side image and using that to check for the USB connection, seems to do the trick :). Thank you!
  6. Thank you, Fiery, the manufacturer name was all I was expecting, not the specific PSUs for all the reasons you mentioned :). Do these "smart" PSUs require a USB or such cable to enable monitoring by AIDA64? I can't see any "smart" labeling or feature specification in any of the PSUs from those manufacturers except that Corsair provides its own monitor through USB. Thanks again!
  7. I'm shopping for a new PS and would like it to be supported by AIDA64. Is it possible to get a list of PS manufacturers supported? Thanks!
  8. Hi Fiery, I'm having a critical problem with the latest betas and my Areca controllers, both ARC1882 and ARC1883. I had sudden problems with the 1882 - the disks no longer showed in the sensors, but more important, Windows 10 hibernation would take forever then when restarted WIndows would show a critical hibernation failure. Restarting would also take forever. I also started getting random freezes and restarts. Removing the disk controller would solve the problem (I don't boot from it). I thought the controller was showing its age so I got an 1883 - same problem! Different PCI-E slot, same. After several exercises restoring older OS images I almost by accident realized that updating AIDA would create the problem! Beta 4522 doesn't have the problem. 4538 & 4531 do. Truly weird. Asus Strix X99 Gaming, BIOS 1801, WIndows 10 1709 up-to-date.
  9. Pretty weird! I normally get ~7000 KBytes speed in general but your site I would get ~2000 KBytes. Today's download started as usual for your site but after ~20% it's now slowed down to 80 KBytes which is what I've been getting for a couple of weeks. Weird!
  10. Hi Fiery, For several days I've been experiencing incredibly slow download speeds , only on this site - other sites / downloads work as expected. Any ideas? OC stable Asus Strix X99 BIOS 1701, WIndows 10 1703 up-to-date, Verizon FIOS connectivity.
  11. Thanks for checking Fiery!
  12. Oops! Thought it might be common like the Corsair Link. It's an RM850i.
  13. Hi Fiery, Is it possible to get the Corsair PSU's OCP state, whether it's in single or multi-rail mode? Thanks!
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