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Why I don't upgrade AIDA64 as often

Cmdr. ZiN

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Hi Aida64 Team,

I would purchase your software more often but when I click on the email I think is a good deal, I'm greeted at the website with a not so good deal. There's too much friction in the purchase so I just say, well I don't need to upgrade yet, it can wait.
I often forget I can get a cheaper price if I switch to USD but I shouldn't have to, price should be the same between regions.

If you get it below $20 - 25 AUD a year, I would probably always upgrade, because I like to support good software.
At $35 AUD I probably will still upgrade even if I don't have to, but not as often.

However I keep forgetting to look at the price in USD and I usually upgrade at $40 AUD most of the time.

After writing this and spending far more time than normal on a purchase I worked out I can get it for the next 2 years at $27.17 AUD per year, so I'll probably do that.
Still if you reduce the friction, I'll probably do it more often ;)








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