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Aida64 sensor on multiple screens


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2 hours ago, COSTAJUNIOR said:

I have a question, and I would like to know if it is possible to configure the AIDA64 Sensor Panel to be displayed on more than one monitor.
Like here I use 3 27p monitors and one 800x480 screen, I would like a Sensor to appear on a 27p screen and another sensor on a 800x480 screen, is it possible?

You can't run multiple instances, and you can not display more than 1 sensor panel as such.  I believe this topic has been covered before - that being said, You CAN have 2 Sensor Panels by enabling the RemoteSensor Panel (LCD) and setting up another (Or just import the same sensorpanel file) into the Remote Sensor LCD part.  Then, open a browser, or use my RSLCD Viewer app (

)  to view the RemoteSensor at, and place it onto your chosen monitor, and have the 'normal' sensor panel on your other preferred monitor.

In theory you could actually have multiple browsers open and place them on the different screens if you're happy enough using the same remote sensor panel.  Just open as many as you want and point them to 127.0.0.

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1 hour ago, COSTAJUNIOR said:

I understand I did the tests here but when I use the Sensor remote some things do not appear, for example, in the middle of the circle the sensors do not appear, as you can see in the images. Could you tell me how to solve the problem.

Interesting... looks like the custom gauges are not showing.  I would suggest loading file into the RemoteSensor LCD section, then re-add the gauges manually, then EXPORT to a RSLCD format so that you basically have the same sensor panel, but one is "myfile.sensorpanel" and the other is "myfile.rslcd".

You should be able to just add (Or even Edit, then re-apply the gauges) and it should work.  Assuming you set it up as a Sensor Panel first, all the gauges etc would've been extracted into C:\Program Files\AIDA64\SensorPanel (Or where ever your install folder is)

Is it your design? Is it something you can share with me so I can test it and make sure I can set it up as both a sensorpanel AND a remotesensor RSLCD panel?

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