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Is there a fix for sensorpanel scaling with new monitor?


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I just got a 4k monitor and as soon as I powered up the PC the sensor panel scaling got messed up.  The sensor panel size and the background images stayed the same, but the sensor information upscaled so much it's unusable. I attached a picture so you can see exactly what is happening.  I have looked it up and I have found that other people have had this issue as well and that even an administrator replied multiple times saying there would be a fix within a week, but that was almost 2 years ago.  Has there been a fix?  I have literally been through all the preferences and there was nothing.  The administrator called it DPI scaling, but I found nothing at all about that in the preferences.  I also tried something that an administrator told someone else to do but it didn't work.  I uninstalled and removed the registry entry for finalwire, then reinstalled, but the same thing happened immediately.  Thanks for any help. 

sensor panel example.jpg

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Sadly there is still no official fix for this problem.

The only way to overcome this issue is setting DPI compatibility mode for aida64.exe.

aida64.exe > properties > compatibility > change high DPI settings > activate "Override high DPI Scaling behavior" to Systems

This fixes the scaling for sensor panel, but introduces another problem. The display resolution will be shown wrong.

Here I am running 4K 3840 x 2160 120Hz on my LG C9 with a scale of 225% for my desktop, but it shows 1707 x 960 on the sensor panel.383187628_Screenshot2022-12-24145803.thumb.png.0a96787f89e768b531443123e91283f6.png

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