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Erro nos Mah totais da bateria


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10 hours ago, zolovivo said:

Minha capacidade de bateria era para ser de 5000 Mah porém no aplicativo mesmo em 100% ele mostra 2600 

E o tipo de bateria mostra como Li-ion sendo que a minha é de Li-Po

Modelo de celular M53 5g

versão Aida64 1.9 Android 

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that on many devices the standard Android Battery API is inadequately implemented, and fails to provide proper charge counter information for the battery. If you want, you can hide the incorrect charge counter information from the Battery page by unchecking the charge counter option in the AIDA64 Settings.

If you could post a screenshot of the System page of AIDA64, we can fix the issue about battery technology (Li-Po).

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