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Sensorpanel flickering (CPU utilization only!!) - 12900K/13900KS


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Hello! I have a weird problem with the sensor panel. The sensor panel ist flickering randomly (only the part of "CPU utilization"). From the 32 threads (24 threads) randomly some are hiding for a few seconds, then another few. This is happening every few seconds. This was happening with the 12900K and also now with the 13900KS. On the screenshots you can see, that some threads are hided, then a few seconds later another threads are hided. This is happening permanentely every few seconds, the panel is changing.




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Hello, since I activated this option  "Windows 11 CPU utilization measurement workaround"

cpu usage disappears and reappears, I couldn't find any solution to solve my problem.


Bonjour , depuis que j'ai activé cette option "Windows 11 CPU utilization measurement workaround" 

l'utilisation du cpu disparaît et réapparaît, je n'ai trouvé aucune solution pour résoudre mon problème.


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Yeah this issue started happening for me as well when I updated to the latest beta.  Based on what the first reply said, I went into Preferences > Stability and at the bottom of the list unchecked "Windows 11 CPU utilization measurement workaround" and the flashing CPU graphs stopped flickering.  However, now my Sensor Panel is back to reporting the CPU utilization incorrectly as Task Manager will show 3-5% utilization while Sensor Panel is showing 0% whereas with the option enabled, they were showing the same percentage.  Hopefully for the next stable release this bug will be fixed so we can have accurate CPU utilization and non-flickering CPU graphs.

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In case this is of any use in debugging this issue, I find that this issue only occurs if a CPU / Core utilization level is at 0%.

I have my sensor panel configured to show a bar for each of my 32 cores.  When the system is idling, some 0% cores will show but the majority are disappearing and re-appearing with each tick of the system.

Conversely when my system is under load and all cores are above 0%, then all of the 32 sensor item bars show and never blink out.


No Load.png

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