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It's possible that the exponential increase in memory usage after your PC goes to sleep is caused by one or more background processes that are running continuously, even while your computer is in sleep mode.

When your computer enters sleep mode, most processes are interrupted and memory is freed up. However, some processes may be configured to continue running even during sleep mode. These processes may continue to use system memory, even though the computer is in a suspended state.

One way to check if this is the issue is to check the Windows Task Manager to see which processes are running in the background and if any of them are using an excessive amount of memory. If you identify a process that is causing the problem, try disabling it or uninstalling the corresponding program.

Check for any available driver updates for your hardware and install them if needed. Additionally, you can try running a full virus and malware scan to ensure that these malicious programs are not using system resources in the background.

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