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Ryzen Master/Clocktuner/Hydra vs Aida64


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Hi Aida64 team,

I'm running Aida64 6.88.
This concerns the temperature readings and the best core readings.

I've read on the forum that the difference in temperatures reported by Aida64 and Ryzen Master is because Ryzen Master averages/processes the data while Aida64 does not. I think what Aida64 does is the correct decision here. But if the Ryzen Master reports 10 degress higher temperatures that would mean significant amount of temperature spikes which are not visible in Aida64 even with measurements over time using the system stability test.

But why is a program like Clocktuner/Hydra able to report per CCD/CCX temperatures and Aida64 is not?
Clocktuner required Ryzen Master in the past so the source of data is probably the same.

I would like to see the per CCD/CCX temperatures in Aida64 as well.

I would also like to see the core quality results in AIda64 if possible.

Kind regards


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