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  1. When will we start seeing Ryzen results in the benchmarks? I want to compare my current processor to a Ryzen one but i could not find any Ryzen results in Aida64 5.92
  2. I don't know GlobalMemoryStatusEx returns but it seems thus at the moment for all 3 values (total, used, free) Physical memory = physical memory (go figure ) Swap space = Physical memory + Paging file Virtual memory = Physical memory + Swap space Virtual memory seems to actually count physical memory twice based on above assumptions. Is there any way to create a memory status dump like the sensor dump and raid dump in aida64?
  3. (8) Though i can understand Fiery, i do think its a shame. I really hate AI Suite but cannot get rid of it since there isn't a program available that can replace it. Speedfan can only see a small portion of the temperature sensors on my Sabertooth Z77/Z87 and is unable to control the assistant fans. Aida64 can see all the temperatures and fans but is missing the functionality to control the fans.
  4. I haven't disabled any services. Only the AI Suite task in the task scheduler has been disabled
  5. I checked in my Thermal Radar 2 in Ai Suite and its impossible for me to change temperature labels except for the T_Sensors By default my motherboard came with the 0801 bios, which I immediately updated to the 1007 bios. For AI Suite was also a newer version available from the asus website compared to the one that came on the cd with the motherboard. So its possible one of them changed the labels. Though i wouldn't know for sure unless i downgraded one or both of them
  6. Chassis fan 4 is monitored properly now I've got Asus AI Suite III (Asus Sabertooth Z87). I've got the default labels for all of them except for the T_Sensor1 i mentioned earlier in the sidenote Also it seems it is not possible to change the temperature labels except for the T_Sensors. I changed T_Sensor1 back to its original name and the problem still persists
  7. You know that's a funny story. I've got an Asus Sabertooth Z77 and Z87 motherboard and would love to dump AI Suite II and III but can't because speedfan does not fully support the sensors and fans. It can only see a small portion of the temperature sensors and cannot control or monitor the Assistant fans. So i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place Lucky for me Aida64 and its support staff are excellent so i make do with Aida64 and AI Suite though i really wish i could dump the latter
  8. You know, i never knew i was missing info about my nvidia GTX card... I learn new stuff about Aida64 every day and every day the program just keeps getting better Apparently i'm having the same issue. Here is the dump from my card. Don't know if it matters but recently i applied a Asus UEFI VBIOS update for my GTX 670 DCII. nvidiasmbusdump.txt
  9. Alright done that (didn't know Aida64 had that right click menu. Pretty nice stuff in it ) Anyways here is the stuff as requested. I'm running Aida64 3.00.2514 Beta ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt
  10. I've got an Asus Sabertooth Z87 motherboard This beta update adds various temps that were unavailable before. Nice But there are still some issues: Chassis fan #4 is incorrectly identified as a CPU OPT fan (i do not have a CPU OPT fan) Several temperatures are still missing (the sabertooth series has a decent amount of these) See attached screenshot Sidenote: AdaptecRaid5805 = T_Sensor1
  11. If you look at the resource monitor in windows 7 you'll notice there are 6 different types of memory information shown. Hardware reserved In use Modified Standby Free Cached (this is Modified + Standby) Aida64 only shows a portion of the above types. Personally i'm interested in the standby and modified amounts of memory usage so that i can get them displayed on my Logitech G15 LCD display. if you are really ambitious you can have a look at the Rammap tool from Sysinternals. That tool shows even more information about memory usage. but i'll leave that up to you to decide
  12. I have to be honest. I expected this to be added in a future release, not in a new build as this was not really a bug (at least not one in Aida64). Not that i'm complaining, Aida64 just exceeded expectations. Which is a good thing Thanks I've updated Aida64 and disabled the atkex setting in the stability tab. If i have any issues i'll post them here
  13. Needed to completely disable the Asus COM service as Aida64 tries to start it. After a reboot 2 other Asus services (among them the all important AsusFanControlService) would not run anymore so i had to enable the Asus COM service again and downgrade Aida64 back to 2.50 So the theory worked but it caused other issues. So i'm back to square one Personally i still feel that this is something that belongs in the stability tab of Aida64 but it seems that people here (at least the ones that posted in this topic) do not agree Fiery, we can discuss this as long as we want but i've made my case. If you have anymore ideas i'm ready to hear them and if not i would appreciate a straight answer whether or not above suggested addition will be considered or denied I appreciate the support
  14. Would it work the way i want to if i stopped the atkexComSvc.exe (Asus COM service)?
  15. Yeah well the problem is that AI Suite II has a serious issue with the Sabertooth Z77 where: - it would randomly crash the whole system and the only way to turn the system back on is to remove the 24 pins power cable or the power cable to the wall. (this would happen at a average of once a week) - Randomly control will be lost over Chassis fan 1 and 3 which would make them run at around 95% speed permanently until reboot. (this would happen at average of once every 2 days) As long as i don't run the Ai Suite II main program (normally started by the task manager which i have currently disabled) there is no problem. The windows services installed by AI Suite seem to not have any issues if they keep running though. Above problems, or at least the second issue with the fans, occurs both with Aida64 2.60 and 2.70 while the AI Suite II main program is not running (the services are running though). Most likely because your are using the services AI Suite normally uses. You might understand that i would be very glad if Aida64 would not use AI Suite services as it is really not good for my system and that i would be able to set it back to aida64 2.50 methods. I would uninstall AI Suite if i had the change but i'm afraid i can't because there is currently no program that can manage the 2 assistant fans properly I currently have a perfectly stable system running Aida64 2.50 and would like it to stay that way while i upgrade Aida64 to 2.70
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