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the panel is bugging, why ?


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Hello, i download the panel for my secondery panel (1920 x 480).


Exemple download, here at post March 18, 2022 at "sub 200"  here image


And aida 64 modify at the sensor panel my panel dimensions but the panel is too big and modify for my panel 1920 x 480 the panel is not similar at the image for the site.

How to do ?


Thank you



too big.png

for my def 1920x480.png

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On 9/23/2023 at 6:35 PM, JariKoi said:

You must always have fonts that used in panel so that it looks like the picture. If you are missing the fonts used in it, it practically explodes on your screen and everything is messed up. Install the correct font that is used in that panel.

Once you have the font istalled then for example, replace it with another panel and then return that panel. 


Where is the fonts used ?


I don't found.

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