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Show Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities


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I'm sure I'm late to the party, but I just discovered that if you run:

netsh wlan show wirelesscapabilities

It will show you a plethora of attributes of the Wi-Fi adapter/driver in your system, including whether it supports MU-MIMO, WPA3, etc.  I could see this being really valuable information for people to have easily accessible in AIDA64, and I can't seem to find that anywhere in AIDA64. 

There's additional information that can be gleaned from

netsh wlan show all

But then you have to parse through the details about all saved and in-range networks...  I didn't go digging to see if there's a set of arguments you can pass that'll show all the network adapter capabilities without showing all the networks...


I also recently found out that you can determine the Bluetooth version supported by the BT adapter by checking it's LMP version, where 11 is BT 5.2, 12 is BT 5.3, etc.  I think this information would be very useful as Windows goes out of its way to not tell you the Bluetooth version your device has.

Of course, I'm assuming that this info can theoretically be scraped by AIDA64, though given the completeness of the other information provided by the app, I believe that it's possible.

I suspect you have a software development lifecycle for new features that isn't super fast, so it's not like I'm hoping for these to be added in the next major release, but it's something I'd love to hear has ended up on your roadmap. 

Thanks for your consideration!



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