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Relatively minimalist SensorPanel with lots of information.


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Howdy! Figured I'd share this here. 

Gonna take a little bit of editing on your end, whoever you are, to get it fit to your system, change colors, sizing, maybe font, etc.

The title lines for the CPU and GPU and a handful of other things are just simple labels with text. I probably could have done a better job labeling all the different parts, but I'm sure you can figure it out if you want to.

Maybe its just my system, but I had to export two copies of this, one that read from NIC3 and one for NIC4, since my computer seems to switch up which one my LAN is every reboot. You might have to do the same.

Panel shows:

Individual core usage as a valuless bars.
FPS (Requires RivaTuner Statistics Server)
CPU Clock, with graph
CPU Temp (Package)
CPU Utilization
AIO Pump Speed
1 Fan Speed (I have all 10 fans on one controller, set to CPU_FAN for me)
GPU Clock
GPU Temp
GPU VRAM usage (value set manually)
GPU 12VHPWR Wattage
GPU Fan speed (both synced)
System Ram utillization (value set manually)
Download rate, with graph
Upload rate, with graph
Drive C: space valueless bar, with temp
Drive D: space valueless bar, with temp

This isn't designed to fit on a certain monitor size, this is just for my desktop. 



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