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Dimm temprature vs. RAM temprature


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I am pretty new to using AIDA64 (or any other kind of software like this).

I noticed my laptop is getting very hot while playing a game. I tried to use AIDA64 to figure out if it is really too hot or just feels like it.
I got these results which I guess are bad.

But I have a specific question about these results:
What is the difference between the DIMM sensor and the RAM sensor?
The RAM gives very different temperature then the DIMM, and the DIMM seems way too hot (over 100c...)

I am using AIDA64 Extreme v7.00.6700.


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have you paid for it if not a lot of the values will say trial if paid you can go to the forums then SensorPanel then Share your SensorPanel you can find a lot that you can save if they are linked if not and you want to see what is getting hot you can use MSI Afterburner do a YouTube search on it there is a lot of videos showing how to use YouTube is your friend here just look up aida64 sensor panel or add skin install guide and if you can no fig it out you can download TechpowerUP GPU-Z that will show all you need tell you can learn this program hope this help and by looking at them temps your hot like ( why is it so spicy hot) it could be  lack of airflow this is what we would call thermal throttling but i think that is more around 95c just from what i have seen my laptop is around 43-46C when i game and 29-35 idling  maybe you could take a pick of your laptop temps just idling i would look up some forums on this as this is a panel forum hope this helped  

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