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We've created this topic to have a place where you can share your Sensor Panel themes. If you designed a stunning SensorPanel layout and you want to show it to others or you just want to find some examples or download a good looking panel then you are in the right place.

Please attach at least one screen shot with your ".sensorpanel" file, so others can see how the attached panel looks like.




New Rules (effective from March 14, 2023)

  • No advertising posts for paid resources, SensorPanels in the "Share your SensorPanel" topic. You can still upload your panels here to show them to others and discuss details.

  • You are only allowed to upload your own work here. The only exception is when you have proper authorization from the original owner of a SensorPanel to upload and modify their work.

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New rules
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Ok I've sorted out the problem finally, it should work now, I've tested it again several times.

Edit: It appears you opened the window for upload limitations, so I attached the file.

But when I click the attachment link to download the file, I get an error.

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I've made some bar variations (on the total load bar, but it could have been any other one):

post-545-0-90627500-1334572933_thumb.png post-545-0-36010300-1334572940_thumb.png

I'm not much of a graphic artist but will share the idea, I did this using a transparent png over the bar. Hope it's of use for someone.

edit: so after transparency I realized alpha could also be used, and created a green to red transparent png over the standard bar for a colour-scale like bar. Also redone the themometers to do temp/load in a (for me) nicer way.


edit no2: I'm finished :)


I've made the panel in 3 colours for download:



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After buying a new comp i was started with modding.

More info - http://nl.hardware.i...irus_59-edition

post-1003-0-15039000-1335089008_thumb.jpg post-1003-0-99243800-1335089010_thumb.jpg

SilverStone Fortress FT03 Black + MIMO 720F Touchscreen USB Monitor (7" 800x480)

He was supposed to be better than the old one.

post-1003-0-15830000-1335089138_thumb.jpg post-1003-0-70038600-1335089141_thumb.jpg post-1003-0-33933000-1335089144_thumb.jpg

Lian Li PC-A05NBF Black + Alphacool LC-Display 240x128

I was looking for software to use the built-in monitor as my old Alphacool LC-Display.

And I found AIDA64.

The first attempt :) / v1


The second attempt / v2

post-1003-0-25821600-1335089395_thumb.png - v2.sensorpanel

The third attempt / v3. I use now v3 BW 128 v2

post-1003-0-31663400-1335089486_thumb.png - v3.sensorpanel

post-1003-0-87839500-1335089599_thumb.png - v3 BW.sensorpanel

post-1003-0-00784700-1335089627_thumb.png - v3 BW 128.sensorpanel

post-1003-0-75445200-1335089653_thumb.png - v3 BW 128 v2.sensorpanel

Possible future

post-1003-0-60561400-1335089764_thumb.png - v4.sensorpanel

post-1003-0-07264500-1335089777_thumb.png :( I can't upload anymore, the limit is reached :wacko:

Now I'm waiting for the appearance of the possibility to monitor hard drives and wireless signal strength.

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very nice!

I am waiting for hard drive monitoring too. Then i can switch to Win7/64 and use a 7" Usb-Monitor with AIDA like you.

Do you use the usb display as second display? Are there any problems with other software, or is it simply by fixing the AIDA-Panel to the second display?

Do you use the monitor as a touchscreen too?

Greetings Gregor

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Do you use the usb display as second display?

I use the usb display only for system monitoring. In the same way as my old Alphacool LC-Display.

But this is possible to use this as second display. But the resolution is too low.

Are there any problems with other software, or is it simply by fixing the AIDA-Panel to the second display?

No problems so far. Not with screen, not with AIDA64.

Do you use the monitor as a touchscreen too?

No. Not really useful or needed.

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This is the sample SensorPanel used in AIDA64 2.50 what's new page. This utilizes the new gauges and graphs.

Interesting implementation wih the gauges... if that is 4 cores over the processor, it really ties them together.

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I tried to download the GZIP file and it can not open it

It's not a GZIP file, but a .sensorpanel file. You need to download that, and import it via the SensorPanel Manager. You can launch the SensorPanel Manager from the right-click context menu on the SensorPanel.

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