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  1. Okay, when I removed AI I did stop all ASUS services and for a period of a full day, the fans ran higher than I liked but I wanted to fault find as best I could. Further I can run AI Suite at the same time as AIDA which I am presently doing and both software packages report identical readings. With versions from 3500 onward the 2 sensors we are referring to show nil value when they stop, if I then open Sensor Panel Manager and say click on 'modify' CPU it is not highlighted in the list like all the other sensors are, so I have to select it again. My sensor panel is normally running 16
  2. I have used AIDA for many many years I can understand what you wrote, but not understand why all version up to and including 5.30.3500 have worked without any issue and then after 3500 problems! to blame the mobo is really lame! I sit right next to my box I can assure you I would hear if fans and especially the water pump had issues. I have even ran the system without loading AI Suite and experienced the same issue, so we can rule that out too! but that's okay I have a good system and no need to upgrade for some time, I'll just not renew my subscription. David
  3. The items in the sensor panel are still there however show no values, if I load the Sensor Panel Manager and select say CPU for modification I see that the CPU sensor is no longer associated with that gauge, and I must select it again from the list of sensors
  4. I have an older ASUS X58 Motherboard and monitor the system using AIDA sensor panel I am finding that any AIDA version later than 5.30.3500 is causing a loss of focus with 2 sensors namely Chassis #2 and CPU. The loss of focus normally occurs on first boot where the reading from the two sensor is not present, a restart of AIDA will rectify this issues, however the problem will also appear at a random period during the computer being on. I can supply debug info if required, sadly at this time I can't use any version above 5.30.350 I have tried all versions (beta) and the problem exists
  5. I just loaded your newest beta and the same problem as before appeared! going back to the stable version David
  6. I have numerous sensor panel items showing but only 2 are giving me problems and they are related to AIDA64. I have AIDA64 start when windows starts although have now had to start it after windows because if started with windows the 2 sensor items are not connected to AIDA64 unless restarted, EDIT: uninstalled and cleaned the registry then re-loaded the non beta, problem seems to have been fixed
  7. Logitech ARX works for me nice to sit on the lounge and watch the computer sweating it's guts out David
  8. Mine to keep an eye on things, second screen
  9. Well other uses to consider where red at low end makes sense is fan or other rotation device (water pump) monitoring where a low rotation speed is bad, also memory used where low memory is bad, David
  10. Well what a great message to get assistance, many many very happy AIDA64 users here and elsewhere, why don't you try a grownup approach to your problem and tell us what your mobo is (if you know) that way you will probably get the help you need, well AIDA64 help anyway David
  11. Download 250release_sample.sensorpanel from the thread the link points to, then import it using the SensorPanel Manager. don't know how you got a gzip extension, it's not on my downloads. David
  12. Open AIDA64, go to file, top left corner and select preferences, go down left hand side of preferences to Hardware monitoring, expand that! find sensor panel, click on it and then click in the box "show Sensor Panel" click ok, you should now see a sensor panel on your desktop? if NOT go back and try again, of course if you have already activated the panel you could do all the above by right clicking the AIDA64 icon in the taskbar and selecting show sensorpanel. Okay so now you have the sensor panel on your desktop, right click on the panel and select SensorPanel Manager, from the manager se
  13. Love the new gauge icons makes the gauges look very professional....thanks David
  14. I believe it refers to the little icon shown next to the description of the item being displayed See pic
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