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  1. A disingenuous statement to say the least. If I set the existing option for the Transparency value to greater than zero, it fades the background just fine. The honest statement would be to say you no longer support the SensorPanel, and will not add the few line of code required to render the background separately from the sensor values.
  2. Not sure if you are still maintaining the SensorPanel, but if so, would it be deemed useful to add an option to set the SensorPanel background transparency, to allow to fade it and have just the sensor value be displayed?
  3. Closed AIDA64.exe, deleted AIDA64.exe, rebooted, deleted kerneld.x64... install completed successfully.
  4. Installation stops when replacing kerneld.x64 After three attempts, I went to the folder and manually removed kerneld.x64, but the same error came on the next install attempt.
  5. Thank you for confirmation - good to mid 2020.
  6. I did use that renewal link and entered my existing product key, and at the end of checkout I was emailed a notice by CleverBridge with a new product key. I assume I need to enter it in the program product key page, but am curious if I should do so now or wait until the existing subscription expires.
  7. I just used the Black Friday coupon emailed to me, and extended my subscription by 3 years. Thank you for the offer. My current subscription expires 6/19/2017. If I apply the Product Code now, will it append to the existing subscription, or should I wait until the current subscription expires to get the full benefit?
  8. One: I have AIDA64 set to check for new versions, including betas. I received your mail-outs regarding v5.7 yesterday and today, but I had to manually download the latest 5.7 version. Two: After downloading the new version, I exited AIDA64 and started the install, but got the following error. I suspect it may be related to Windows Services. I then turned off auto-start with Windows and rebooted... install went fine.
  9. I have two SSDs and one HDD, and all three show, but I see only one SMART result. What does the one SMART result indicate? smartdump.txt I noticed an anomaly between AIDA64 and aquasuite with the Shared Memory Windows Services function. The power supply unit correctly lists as "W" in the AIDA64 sensor list, but aquasuite picks the unit up as "V". Is there a possible typo on the unit definition when passed to shared memory?
  10. What is the sensor labeled Power #1?
  11. Wishing against hope... has Corsair addressed the Corsair Link SDK issue?
  12. Happy 20th to AIDA64, and may there be MANY more!
  13. I believe swapping between 2, or more, SensorPanels is possible. All it requires is that you have 2, or more, SensorPanels saved to disk, with one being active.. Then to swap: Right-Click on SensorPanel Click on SensorPanel Manager Click on Import Select another SensorPanel, and accept overwriting your existing panel settings. EDIT: Be sure the SensorPanel your are changing-out is saved to disk (exported) before over-writing it with the new one.
  14. Correct, I have the following installed: â— one aquaero 6 PRO - USB to MoBo â— two D5 pump motor with USB and aquabus interface - both USB to MoBo & both aquabus to aquaero â— one Flow sensor mps flow 400 - USB to MoBo & aquabus to aquaero â— one Pressure sensor mps pressure Delta 40 - USB to MoBo & aquabus to aquaero
  15. The 5.20,3429 beta version appears to have duplication of flow sensors. Aquasuite page: version 5.20.3400: version 5.20.3429: Edit: It appears to have carried over into the Sensor Icons page also.
  16. My bad, it did not occur to me a position of 300/800 would be outside the desktop. Probably not as short as you want, but you can access the system tray with the Win + B key.
  17. There was pertinent info on several of the comments around the one I linked, one of which Fiery states you must exit AIDA64 to change the X/Y position in the registry. I think AIDA64 reads the registry on start-up, and then holds the values in memory. I also think AIDA64 writes the values to registry on exit. If you edit the registry when the program is open, it does not update the values in memory, and then writes the old values back to registry on exiting, negating your changes. Maybe.
  18. SensorPanel X/Y placement can be done in the registry, but introduces all the dangers of editing the registry. Using the way-back machine: http://forums.aida64.com/topic/405-what-does-your-sensorpanel-look-like/?p=3527
  19. From what I understand, SensorPanel development is parked on the back burner until/unless something comes up for AIDA to reevaluate the project.
  20. I believe Fiery's recent reply to this question stands today: We tend to re-shuffle our plans as times goes by, since many times a particular feature request goes higher or lower on our list of things to do. When a certain feature gets requested by many users (either here on the forums, or on other forums, or via our tech support), such features get assigned a higher priority. Sadly, due to resource constraints, that also means that we have to shelve or postpone other planned features that seem to be less popular among AIDA64 users. Right now we're quite busy with some major things coming, which are unfortunately not related to either multiple SensorPanels or the alerting facility. In AIDA64, a lot of things would deserve, worth or require improving or revamping, but our resources are quite tight, so we cannot do everything that would interest or even excite us, which is a shame
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