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GPU Bus Type shows wrong value

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I had to replace my defective B550 mainboard with my old X470. It lacks PCIe 4.0 of course.
Then I was wondering why AIDA64 still shows not only PCIe 4.0 speed, but x16 as well; because of occupied PCIe slots the first slot just has x8 speed.
I use v7.00.6700, tried the latest beta, as well as an entirely new config.



One more thing, which may not be related to this problem, or maybe this has changed over the years, but the bus speed does not fluctuate anymore like I remember back in the day when I had an RX 590 on the AM3+ platform.


PS: Sorry, maybe this should rather be in the 'Bug reports' forum...

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This must be it where it get's the wrong information for "External Applications":



On the other hand the correct lane count is identified here:


PCI-E 2.0 is a known (cosmetical) discrepancy.

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Excellent! The latest release v7.20.6800 finally shows the correct PCIe revision! 😎


Although GPU Bus Type is still "@ 4.0 x16", I hope this is going to be fixed as the correct value is well-known of late.

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