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My 1920x720 Panels, reviews


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Hey, I am new to AIDA64 and I just got a 1920x720 panel to use as a sensor display (I just built a new rig and wanted to be able to monitor performance).  Since there did not seem to be any available in that resolution I got a couple of the guys in the thread above to make them for me.  PCRepairVK had some Starfield skins, so I asked him to modify one for me in the proper dimensions and within a day I had it.  He also provided some quality customer service since at first all the text was in the wrong position and I could not figure out why and he dug up an old thread about adjusting the DPI on AIDA64 and that solved the problem.


I was really happy with what he provided and after I spent some time modifying it for my specific system and needs I am quite pleased with the final result.  Below are both a screen grab of the panel and a photo of it during an 8K benchmark(I was not sure how to do a screen grab with the benchmark running in full screen).

Once I get the second one customized I will post a review as well.




Starfield Sensor Panel.jpg

Starfield Sensor Panel 8K Load.jpg


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It turned out excellent! Please, for future posts, use the following topic to share your panels.


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