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I have 3 machines running Windows 2008 R2 (x64) - machineA, machineB, and machineC. 

I have AIDA64 BE installed on machineC.


On machineA and machineB - I have a task scheduled to start AIDA64 Business Edition on system startup. 

It runs this command


\\machineC\C$\Program Files\AIDA64\aida64.exe /ACCEPTBG /SAFE


and I see 2 processes created on machineA and machineB - aida_rcs.dll *32 and aida64.exe *32.


On machineC -  I also have AIDA64 Business Edition running and I want to run remote reports of machineA and machineB. 

On machineC, from a command line, I run this ...


C:\Program Files\AIDA64\aida64.exe  /RMTHOSTS  machineA  /RMTREPORT  C:\machineA  /CSV


Nothing seems to happen - no reports generated.  However - if I use the remote report wizard from the AIDA64 GUI

on machineC, and select machineA as the remote computer, the report runs fine.....


Please help.


I need to automatically run remote reports from machineC of several remote computers and I can't get it to work. 


Also, is there an application log anywhere that shows what is happening - there is no feedback or anything from the

command prompt to indicate that my command line is or isn't working



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