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AIDA64 makes its way to Android


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We've released the mobile edition of our industry-leading system information software for Android devices. With the new app, users of smartphones, tablets, Android TV devices and Android Wear smartwatches, running Android 2.1 or newer, can learn everything about both the hardware and the software under the hood.


AIDA64 for Android features include:

- CPU detection, real-time core clock measurement

- Screen dimensions, pixel density and camera information

- Battery level and temperature monitoring

- Wi-Fi and cellular network information

- Android OS and Dalvik properties

- SoC and device model identification

- Memory and storage utilization

- OpenGL ES GPU details, real-time GPU clock measurement

- PCI, USB, CUDA, OpenCL device listing

- Sensor polling

- Listing of installed apps, codecs and system directories

- Android Wear module: native app for smartwatches

The app is freely downloadable from the Google Play store

[ Press Release (English) ]

[ Press Release (italiano) ]

[ Press Release (magyar) ]

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    • By ivanldd
      Hi. I bought a TV Philips 58pus8535/12. Philips says it has 3 Gb of RAM, 16 Gb internal storage and a MT5597 soc. However, when I run AIDA64 on it, it appears only 2Gb RAM, 5 Gb available storage and MT5887. I also run CPU-Z with same result.
      They say 1Gb of RAM is reserved for several things (NF zone, BT battery, OSD...) and 11Gb of internal storage for operating system and other things.
      Is it possible that I can't see that 1Gb of RAM anywhere? Or those 11Gb in a root folder or somewhere else? Because I cannot.
      Is it possible that AIDA64 can't show MT5597 and only reads MT5887?
      Or is Philips lying to us about its hardware?
      Thank you very much.
    • By KK13
      Hey all, first time posting, have your app in my phones for a couple years.
       I don't know if anyone can help, because I don't know your limitations with troubleshooting, but I'm at a loss.
        I'll start with the basics. 
      Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +, Android 10,
      T-Mobile U.S. Not Rooted (only because it can't be)
       Problem - Google Play Store keeps shutting down in the background. The system sends a popup notification every time. It happens sometimes very consistently about every 30 seconds or so and other times it can go for 10 mins or more without stopping. This has been goin on for about a week or a few days more. I have tried everything short of a factory reset. I've gone from trying the basic clearing the apps cache and data to disabling it since it cannot be uninstalled except for the updates. I've tried to put the app asleep and it still runs in the background and still stops itself. I've tried clearing the account, and restarting the account, still doesn't help. I've reset all app permissions, nothing fixes it. I went into Safe Mode and it stopped crashing, but I've got about 70 apps installed and none are new. They are the same I've had since before this started happening. The weird thing is sometimes I open the Play Store App and it will immediately close and sometimes it will stay open for a minute then close and if I'm playing a game I'm able to make in game purchases through the Play Store with it only stopping once out of probably a dozen times. So I guess it knows where it makes money hahahaha.  I really don't want to start removing apps one at a time unless there is no other way.  I've even done a clearing of the Cache Partition in Download mode and it didn't work either. It has sent popups twice when I first started typing this but hasn't again for about 2 or 3 minutes.  But, it will soon.  
       Is there any way to see when this happens through a data log or debugging record that will tell why it is doing this?
        What can I do or what can I do to help you find out why this is happening and how to go about fixing it?   Please, let me know.  
    • By Jeremy A. Leal Estrada
      Hello community, I have a problem, I want to install a 64-bit app on my phone but I see that it says 32-bit mode, can I change that?
    • By Beeish
      AIDA64 for Android v1.58 Report
    • By OrlandoOwen
      hello, community
      i own a s7 and i have been using it for a while and never been  experienced a app crashing!
      recently i upgraded from 7.0 to 8.0 and suddenly  i am experiencing this crash in AID64 app
      it happens that i enter the app it opens and  shows me a black screeen and then it crashes
      i dont know why is this happening  ! some quick suggestions would be appreciated.
      Also check air rifle scopes reviews
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