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Ads upon exit of app


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I am trying to troubleshoot some things with my phone after suffering from the problems described here:



I don't remember the behavior of this app before, but were there always ads upon exit of the app? Furthermore, some of the ads that show up even have sound, and that is really annoying.

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AIDA64 for Android uses standard Google AdMob interstitial ads from day one. Since the ads are provided by Google, our app has no control over the quality of the ads. We feel the best way is to use Google's ad service under Google's own operating system (Android), and let's hope they have full control over the quality of the ads they push to Android apps ;)

You can experience no ads at exit when you exit the app too quickly, or when the ad is not yet loaded from the internet, or when Google AdMob fails to provide an ad to display.



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