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Accelerometer units of measurement


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Hi, I just tried out the WP app and am really impressed with it on my Lumia 640! One thing, though, that I think is wrong is the unit of measurement of the accelerometers in the sensors page, which shows 1 m/s^2 at rest, while it should show about 9.8 obviously. Is it measuring in G, perhaps?

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We've checked, and Microsoft's own Windows Phone Accelerometer sensor sample app shows the same measurements as AIDA64. I think the reason behind this oddity is in the last sentence of this quote:

"The accelerometer measures the forces applied to the device at a moment in time. These forces can be used to determine in which direction the user is moving the device. The acceleration value is expressed as a 3-dimensional vector representing the acceleration components in the X, Y, and Z axes in gravitational units. The orientation of the acceleration is relative to the device such that -1g is applied in the Z-axis when the device is face up on a level table and -1g is applied to the Y-axis when the device is placed perpendicular to the table top.

The accelerometer sensor detects the force of gravity along with any forces resulting from the movement of the phone. The combined motion API, accessed using the Motion class, uses multiple device sensors to separate the gravity vector from the device acceleration and allows you to easily determine the current attitude (yaw, pitch, and roll) of the device."

Source is MSDN:




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