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Spelling of NVIDIA SoCs


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Well, I know this suggestion might be a very "monkish" one but I would like to have NVIDIA spelled "NVIDIA" instead of "nVIDIA". I mean the completely capitalized form is the one the company itself uses. Just mentioning because I think it every time I use AIDA64 on my HTC One X and/or SHIELD Tablet K1 (:

Added a screenshot to clarify my "problem".


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Since 1998, we traditionally use the company name of nVIDIA as nVIDIA. It comes from their logo where they use a small "n" and the rest of the letters are capital. Some people spell it as NVIDIA, others spell it as Nvidia, and others say it is nVidia. So there's no general consensus on this. Of course most companies prefer to use all capital letters to make their company name stand out, like SONY, TOSHIBA, etc.



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