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Is it an AMLogic S812 (as the vendor insists) or an AML8726-M8 (as AIDA64 indicates)?


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Greetings from a noob. I'm hoping someone can give me guidance on this one, because I've already chided a vendor for selling me what I thought was a fake Android box. See image. I sent the AIDA scan to the vendor, demanding an explanation; his reply was, "...Amlogic MESON8 AML8726-M8 is short for  S812...". The AMLogic wiki page info doesn't mesh with that assertion, stating, "Amlogic M802 (originally called AML8726-M8)...". So according to THAT, I've actually got an M802 CPU.


However, I removed the heat sink from the CPU and took the image you see. So now I'm really confused. Which is correct/accurate? If AIDA64 is in error, can someone explain why?






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Companies can simply rename or rebadge their products, without altering the actual hardware. I wouldn't worry about that much, as long as the device works as advertised. E.g. if it was sold as a quad-core SoC with 2 GHz CPU clock, and you get that, then it's fine.

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