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Dark theme?

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Greetings Aida64 team! 

I was wondering if it's possible to have a "dark" theme on the Windows10 for mobile like we had on WP8.1 . 
The dark theme was lovely and quite more sofisticated to look at. Also, it's more eye friendly in the dark and more efficient on battery life. 

I know that in 8.1 the "theme" was changed according to the system settings, but is it possible to have this (following the system settings or by in-app setting) on the Windows10 version as well? 


Thanks in advance for your reply! 

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Thank you for your suggestion. We do have plans about adding customizations to the AIDA64 Windows 10 UWP app, and the dark theme sounds like an interesting idea. But we expect that along with the Windows 10 Redstone update Microsoft may just implement the selection between light theme and dark theme as a system-wide setting anyway, and then the whole thing would be controlled by the user just like in the "good old" Windows Phone 8.x days ;)

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Please note that we've just rolled out a new update to our AIDA64 Windows 10 UWP app, version The new update implements a dark theme, and a new command bar button to let you switch between themes anytime. I hope you'll find the new design appealing ;)

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