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Untrusted Applications

Clif Muggles

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A couple of weeks ago aida64 found untrusted and malicious code in my operating system . I believe you rewrote some things and put some blocks in the system to  help prevent the return of these attackers . 

It appears that they have found a way to exclude aida64 or bypass aida64 .

I could be mistaken but reading the event logs and system info for today ,11/23/16 ,it appears to me someone besides you or me are writing the script and executing the commands. 

I am not a programmer or app writer so I could be mistaken. Can you read the logs and see if I am right or wrong ?

If I am right can you tell me who and or what is going on.?

Is my wife (or someone) having someone audio and video record everything that I do ?  Is there a " man (or woman) in the middle "  type of attack going on.

It appears they us VPN service or they have codes stored . Or am I just a paranoid old fool that is behind times in operating system events ?


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Ok I will do this . Maybe this is the wrong place to discuss this.  I know it takes a lot of time to review all the logs. It appeared that you had ministered my system for me a couple of weeks ago and wrote some blocks and a trap to find out what was going on. It appeared that it had taken a lot of effort to figure it out because it was all written out of context or out of proper script and a bunch of outdated script.  I thank you for all your hard work and time. Thank you for the great app Aida64.

It's a long story but a note to all. Do Not leave your old phones in your drawer when you get a new phone. My wife got my old Samsung Vibrant and had someone wrote a partition with all kinds of monitoring devices so she could track me and record me. All done on my old phone and as if it was me doing it. 2 years later and 3 phones later I bteak my Galaxy 3 and grab my vibrant out of the drawer and I was blocked out of the phone and it was running on a VPN that I am blocked out of . I think she has paid someone to keep monitoring me. Everything gets exported constantly so when I find something it's gone right away. Now my wife is dying from lung cancer and "says" she does not remember anything about any of this. 

In her defence ,the chemotherapy and radiation did give her what they call "chemo brain"  she does not remember a lot of things.

There have been many complications with her treatment but ultimately none worked. They are doing Opdivo but it's not helping. So I am lost and do not have any time to take my phone anywhere.  Two days ago a password was put on my phone just to open it . I had to do a factory reset just to use it. Samsung has tried and AT&T have tried but the phone has a mind of its own and the applications change every day. And I don't think the Knox Container is containing anything secure. 

Just a sign of the times. 

Nothing is as it appears to be. 

It all is designed to watch and control everything we do, everything we look at . 

Manipulate us and use us as a resource .

Nothing personel or directed at you .

Aida64 is a great tool and great staff. Thank You.

Words of wisdom from Clif ; We pay for the phones,

Then we pay for the phone  service,

Then we pay for the data, Then we pay for the wi/fi, Then we pay for the repairs, ALL SO big brother can do their business on our data. What a deal they have set up. 




ANY recommendations ?

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Thank you for all you do.

Somebody has put a lot of time and knowledge into my system to help.

I am still attempting to get Samsung to pay attention to my system . They sent me some verification emails that went straight into the trash folder so I not see them so I did not respond. Now Samsung blocks me ,thinking I must be the bad guy.

I know some of the "crappage" in my phone is from my  insecure wife before she was diagnosed with advanced terminal lung cancer.  

Again thank you for all SOMEBODY has done in my system . Some mighty long file titles for sure but they have really helped .

Where can I make a donation to AIDA64 . AIDA64 for President 

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I wanted to say also that it did appear that some seriously professional hackers were also in my system taking control and propagating . Luckily because of my situation this is a new phone with only a few close contacts and a new email acct. They did also get into my wife's phone and tried to take a lot of her stuff. She is pretty good at all this putter stuff and they could not get anything from her except they saw who I really am. They tried to get the Mali 720 but did not. 

I don't understand something here, is the Mali 720 hardware ?

Or Virtual hardware ? and if virtual hardware then doesn't that make it software ?

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