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Please verify if you used the same account to buy the IAP (the "Remove Ads" in-app product) than what you've used to install AIDA64 from the Play Store.  We've already seen issues about using multiple Google accounts.  Also, make sure to install all updates from the Play Store, and reboot your device.  In some cases that alone helps to get Google Play Services to sync its caches with the information stored on Google's own servers.  Please note that we don't manage IAP or any kind of purchases.  Everything is handled and managed by Google Play Services, and so when such a mixup happens, it's not because there's a bug in our app, but due to a mixup in Google Play Services.  We would love to help you in such cases, but we have basically zero insight into how IAP is handled by Google, and we have the same zero control over managing the purchases :-(

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