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Different networks

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SQL Server has installed on the network 10.1.1.X
I connected 2 clients, all the data appeared in the database and in the audit.
I connected the client from the network 10.1.2.X  -  /R /DATABASE /AUDIT /ACCEPT /SAFE /SILENT - there is no data in the auditing database, although it is in the remote search?

What to do?

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Could AIDA64 start in the background, you see it in task manager?
If yes, then try to run the AIDA64 whitout parameters on 10.1.2.X PCs, and test the Database connection (File menu / Preferences / Database), when it work well create a test report with Report Wizard (Report menu / Report Wizard / Select ADO at report format page).

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Aida64 is running, ini is copied from working variants, in the database settings the test is very good. The error message is sent to the mail. I can remotely control this PC, but in the section "Audit" there is no PC with 10.1.2.X network, I already connected 3 PCs.

In a remote report, you can tick the computers of this network and they appear in the audit manager, but how do they be displayed in the audit manager automatically as well as from the first network?

And the history of changes for them also does not work. In the network changes manager 10.1.1.x everything is shown perfectly. Aida64 5.90.4200

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Of the four computers after the forced audit, there were two, the server and windows 7 1 pc. Two other PCs are visible, but in the audit, etc., they are not here.

Can open a port? Why 1 PC Windows 7 all the same appeared in the audit?

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